Single Phase Off-Grid Solar Inverter (5.5kW)

  • Lithium/GEL/AGM/Flooded battery
  • Parallel connection up to 6 devices
  • Grid/Generator/PV supply connection
  • Smart energy management
  • Intelligent adjustable speed fan
  • Charge/discharge protection
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Technical Data JF-5.5KP-ML

Input (PV)

Max. Input Power: 6 kW
Max. Input Voltage: 500 Vdc
Voltage Range: 120~500 Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range: 120~450 Vdc
Max. Input Current: 22 A
Max. Charging Current: 80 A

Output (AC)

Output Voltage Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Voltage: 230 Vac
Rated Output Power: 5.5 kVA
Peak Power: 11 kVA
On-load Motor Capacity: 4 HP
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz (±0.3Hz)
Maximum Efficiency: >92%
No-load Loss: Non Energy-saving Mode: ≤50W

Energy-saving Mode: ≤25W (Manual Setup)

AC Input (Generator/Grid)

Mains Maximum Charging Current: 60 A
Rated Input Voltage: 220/230 Vac
Input Voltage Range: UPS Mains Mode: (170Vac~280Vac) 土2%

APL Generator Mode: (90Vac~280Vac) ±2%

Frequency: 50/60 Hz (Automatic Detection)
Mains Charging Efficiency: >95%
Switch Time (bypass and inverter): 10 ms (Typical Value)
Maximum Bypass Overload Current: 40 A


Battery Type: Lithium / GEL / AGM / Flooded
Battery Rated Voltage: 48 V (Minimum Startup Voltage 44 V)
Hybrid Charging Max. Charging Current: 80 A
Battery Voltage Range: 40~60 Vdc (±0.6)
Number of Parallel/Split Phases: 1-6 pcs.
Protection: Short circuit protection, Overload protection, Undervoltage and overvoltage protection, Reverse polarity protection
Display: LCD
Communication: USB / RS485 (WiFi/GPRS) / Dry contact control
Operation Temperature: -10~55ºC
Cooling Method: Intelligent adjustable speed fan
Noise Emission: <60 dB
Relative Humidity: 5%~95% (Conformal Coating Protection)
Certifications: CE (IEC62109-1), CETL (UL 1741 C22.2 NO.107.1), FCC, SAA
EMC Certification Level: EN61000, C2
Warranty: 15 Months
Dimensions (WxHxD): 426x322x12 mm
Weight: 10.5 kg